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You are in violation of private cyberspace. Identify yourself immediately.

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Greetings. I am here to learn how to be funny and not just stupid. <poll> Do you know who I am? 1 Yes. 2 No. 3 Maybe. </poll>

In any case, keep your pie-hole shut!!!

On an unrelated note, my behavior (whatever it was today) was not misunderstood. I really do hate you all.

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You have earned the Combat Honor Medal for making a Grue Army Image

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Bear Hug.png The following ones have been deemed worthy of a bearhug - and survived.
Reasons vary from heroic self-sacrifice to participating in an online social-networking site in a particular way.

My traveling freak-show[edit]

That is, pieces of deleted articles that were wrongly... well, deleted.

Lightsaber "Duels"[edit]

Freak number Or I forget sometimes.

In a blantant act of propaganda, Star Wars portrays 2 Jedis engaging in the mystical sport of lightsabre dueling. You may notice that the aim of this event is to hit the opponents lightsabre and not the opponent himself, until such time as the script directs the actor to climsily and obviously stick out his arm in the path of a moving lightsabre as to get it amputated. This is called stupidity. Then the goal is to not kill the opponent, but rather to spare him so that he can become a hideously ruthless dictator that will cause the death of trillions. This is called sequel making sense of.


Freak Sparky2002b.

This is a working link. I'm serious. Take a look:

Mechanics of Passive Voice[edit]

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Passive voice is made to occur when the subject of a sentence is acted upon by the object, as opposed to the object being acted upon by the subject. For instance:

Not Passive Voice I am getting sick of these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane. I'm fuckin' going to chop them up with my lightsaber.

Passive Voice My patience has been brought to its limits by these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane. They will be fuckin' chopped up by me with my lightsaber.

Chicken Walker[edit]

Freak smuggled from Wikipedia.

Arguably, the first chicken walkers originated in Slavic fairy tales, as the "Hut on Chicken Legs" or "Избушка На Куриих Ношках", a literally walking house without any doors or windows. More often than not it is the place of residence of a witch. (see Baba Yaga)


Freak B-Rex.

Superdupermegasaurus was the biggest, largest, hugest, most titanic, most gigantic, most giant, most mammoth, and most ginormously really big sauropod dinosaur that ever existed. Its neck was over nine gazillion metres long, and the whole creature was over six super-uber-googleplex metres long. Its species was most famous for crushing extremely famous dinosaurian buildings and landmarks.


Freak number

Anime is really just a vision of the future where nerds have sex, hot chicks with huge eyes and breasts get raped constantly, badass dudes with weird catchphrases shoot energy beams out of their asses, and black people don't exist. In summary, everybody will just be living in Japan.

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