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What? You're actually reading my page? That's fantastic! Now kindly leave or convert to my religon.

Now, without further ado, Userboxes!

usb This user likes to use userboxes.

.EDOLPS A DAEH S'RESU SIHT Daeh-gnidolpxE.gif
Explosion.jpg This user supports the genocide of crappy articles.
Mario-lo-res.jpg This user is a Gamer and therefore creepy.
600px-Flag of Australia.png This user is an Australian
... Strewth! Crikey! Fark!
(List of Australian Uncyclopedians)
Vista logo.png This user hates Windows Vista and recommends the total destruction of all existing copies

This user has a Really Lame Password. Seriously, you could probably guess it.
Windows Logo.png This user uses Windows because he or she can't get enough of your lover.

This user is left-handed.
In Latin they would be sinister.
(List of left-handed Uncyclopedians)

Potatohead aqua.png This user wants You featured.

Official This user is official. They get all their user boxes from here.
This user has a crapload of userboxes. To see more of them, go to I don't know what to put here arrrgghh.

... This user would be a professional procrastinator, but he or she can't be bothered.
MEH This user redefines lazy.

This user's sex appeal is such that people around the world compulsively shout his/her name during intercourse.


This user is an adventurer.

en-P This f****r speaks English heavily laced with profanity that would make a f*****g a*****e sailor blush from all the g*******d blasphemy.