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D'oh! Perhaps you were looking for hot?

“Midasminus is great”

~ Midasminus's mother on Midasminus

“With or without the glasses?”

~ Midasminus on "How do you see?"


~ Midasminus's brother on Midasminus

Hello. If you, dear Internet user, have come to this page, it means you have clicked the wrong link. Please go back and click the right one before the end of this phrase you're reading.

Unfortunattely, you have finished the last sentence. I told you not to. In this same instant, millions of tiny Midasminuses are climbing into your eyes, into your brain, which will be eaten in 5 seconds.

Have a nice day.

Midasminus himself[edit]

This is not a Midasminus. This is an Arkan sonney. They're known for not liking Midasminuses.

Age: Teenager

Country: Portugal

Philosohy of Life: Sort off and let me draw.


This is Aishwarya Rai. Midasminus worships her.
This poor lady looked at a Midasminus.

What is a Midasminus?[edit]

A Midasminus (from Greek Mytharcrappa) is a slimy unholy creature that can be found in Portugal or in the countries around it. Please sign this page and leave an offensive (or gentle) comment about Midasminus.

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