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“You sir, are a Moron.”

~ User:Flammable on Mr Zinky Winks
This is the Flag of a Free Uncyclopedia, fellow comrades may use it in support.

“Yes Sir, but Whos more Moronic? The Moron, or the Moron who bans him?”

~ Mr Zinky Winks on Flammable and one of the being a Moron.

Yes, Folks, It has happened to me, as it has happened to many of you, I have been banned by User:Flammable, it seems tyranny reigns over Uncyclopedia, a darkness shrouds it, where one is only allowed to be funny, if they bow down to mad tyrants like Flammable, but I give you another choice, comrades.

I give you a Uncyclopedia where the Editor does not have to fear the Administrator, Where Randomness is brought back, and Chuck Norris is once again god, I give you......The Old Uncyclopedia that we all once knew, so join me fellow comrades in my quest to return old Uncyclopedia to her former glory, and overthrow the Despotic Tyranny, so remember comrades, fight strong and free, and Uncyclopedia can be yours once again.

This has been a message by the Free Uncyclopedia Organization(FUO).

-COMRADE Zinky Winks, ignore the Mr please, I was young and drunk.....

My Contributions[edit]

A True Communist does not flaunt his/her contributions, it is all for the state and for everyone, damn money-hungry self-centered capitalists!

--Another Message by Comrade Z.

Comrade Z[edit]

Comrades can call me Comrade Z, dont confuse it with that crappy anime, dragonballs Z, I shit on that show, since its not communistic enough.