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Hudson Duck is considered the biggest Goose Egg next to "Howard the Duck (film)" and it practically has the same cast as well. This was basically a parody of "Hudson Hawk" featuring...someone important.

Rough Draft[edit]

The movie script was written by Plucky Duck, directed by Plucky Duck, produced by Plucky Duck, and even stars Plucky Duck! When Plucky Duck introduced the film to the studio, they yawned and rejected it throughout. Instead they chose a cartoon called Foxy and Roxy that only lasted a year, but was only on for a year to introduce The Animaniacs.

Next Draft[edit]

In 1993, Mel Brooks bought the playwright for a penny and he turned it around so it stars Darkwing Duck as Hudson Duck. Plucky Duck is in the movie, but he plays a Green Statue (the one that got smashed in the "Instanbul" video) and yes...he's not wearing his official white tank-top. The movie also features ducks like Launchpad McQuack, Fenton Crackshell, and Wade Duck as Darkwing's comic relief.

This movie had recognition as a better film than "Hudson Hawk". It combined "Hudson Hawk" and Mel Brook's cast of characters such as Harvey Korman as Mike Hunt, Bea Arthur, and Dom DeLuise. This was also the last film for Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra who sing along with Hudson Duck.


Hudson Duck tries to capture the Green Statue from the Mike Hunt's place and then goes back home and drinks a cappuccino with the Green Statue in his house and his disguise taken off. He then mails the statue to its rightful owner Caesar Romereo (Not the actor, but he's played by Dom DeLuise) so he can pay off his debt to the Mafia which is where Mike Hunt (Played by Harvey Korman) owned the statue. The whole gag is Hudson Duck trying to drink cappuccino but never gets the opprtunity since his sidekick (Wade Duck) keeps interrupting him on things that are scaring him. The entire movie is about a three-way between Caesar Romero, The Bad Guy, and Hudson Duck against the Green Statue. Even Mel Brooks makes a cameo as the Butler serving Hudson Duck cappuccino.

The Mafia has ownership with The Mayflower Industries where Caesar Romero and his wife (Bea Arthur) has made many deals that they couldn't refuse. They wanted the Green Duck so that they can discover if it's a's a duck. So they head to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) to discover why the Duck is green. But then Mona Lisa (played by Shirley the Loon) tells Hudson that the Green Duck belongs to the Duck Factory and not Istanbul. But Caesar Romero had other plans, he wanted to use the Green Duck for its plan to take over the world (something like "The Maltese Falcon") and it would connect Istanbul and Rome together since the Green Duck is part of the link to The DaVinci Code. But Caesar's attempt to take over the world was foiled when Hudson has Mona Lisa take the statue while he was sleeping.

Hudson is interrupted again when his assistant tells him that Mike Hunt has blackmailed him for eating The Green Duck, which he didn't! So Hudson goes to Mike Hunt's hideout in Rome and he sees that Hunt had control of The DaVinci Code and will tell the world about Jesus' love life and all that, you've now probably seen the book! Just then, Hudson's pilot (Launchpad McQuack) takes the helicopter and accidently kills Hunt's butler (Fenton Crackshell). Then, Mario and Luigi try to kill Hudson Hawk in a hearse holding the body of Hunt's butler, but Hudson gets out of the car without them knowing and their brakes freeze. So both Mario and Luigi fall off a cliff.

After Hudson escapes, he's met-up with Snickers, M&Ms, and Milky Way (played by Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey...respectfully) who work for the CIA and they send him to Mike Hunt's place in the Popemobile. Hudson then sees The DaVinci Cods and steals it under Mike Hunt's nose! When Hudson was caught, he fakes his death by thinking he got poisoned from his wine that he made him drink. Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey take Hunt's wife out of the castle and finds out that not only she's a Hermaphrodite, but her boobs were explosives! The bomb goes off killing Mike Hunt's wife, Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey.

The climax features a showdown at Mike Hunt's Headquarters between Hudson and Mike Hunt. Hudson tells Mike Hunt not to utter anything from The DaVinci Code, otherwise there will be consequences. But Mike didn't listen, he said the first word and all hell breaks loose. Mike gets destroyed by Angels and Demons and falls into the DaVinci Code. Then, Mona looks at the pages and says to Hudson that we can be rich on this. It will be like an adventure, but once Mona said the first word...she dies. So Hudson puts it away and it would never be touched until 10 years later when Dan Brown would make a fortune on it. But then Hudson sees that Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey were actually okay since their suits protected them from the boob explosion.

Just then, we see Hudson Duck try to drink his cappuccino (which he tries to do throughout the films) but gets interrupted by his comic relief who said he broke the Green Statue by accident. So Hudson Duck just makes his comic relief the Green Statue.


  • Many have said this movie was a waste of time, but less than "Hudson Hawk" since it was actually funnier.
  • Leonard Maltin actually gave this movie 2 1/2 Stars since it was funnier than Hudson Hawk, but not as good as any other films he's seen in 1993.