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ok now i know some of you may like the americans or have mates which are american but bloody hell they eat alot. We went to america on a holiday once and we went to this place called the Golden Karal it had like everything you want for like $5 it was insane. So they can be nice people but fucking hell their fat and the wiered thing is i dont think they realise they're over weight even tho they have had 4 fucking heart attacks i mean if i cut up an american and ate the contents of one days eating i could live a bloody lifetime but i dont blame them with a president like that i would eat to make me feel better in fact i would just jump of a cliffe theres not much to live for being a american involved in polotics. So just a message George Bush fuck of then the population of fatties in your country might go down!!!

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Reason given "Everyone know all Americans are actually really skinny"