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“Run Awaaaaayyy!”

~ Monty Python on Mr. Whiskers

“You are a Really Useful User”

~ The Fat Controller on Mr. Whiskers and Thomas

“Thank you for choosing Burger King

~ The Burger King on Mr. Whiskers
My sister told me there was a cure for my stupidity.
"I give up! You take him."

I'm gonna tell you now that I'm not half as dumb/smart as I sound... Just kidding. Now then:

I am Mr. Whiskers, someone who has been loved and hated throughout history. I am notorious for being the self-proclaimed dictator of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (which is a lot better than you think).

I am addicted to television, Internet, and filming. I am a Disney fan, Pixar fan and a ceiling fan. Because of those, I regularly come to this kind of territory. But trust me; I will improve the pages of what I like (The Burger King, George W. Bush, Jesus) to show my appreciation for them in all fields. I'll also make the things I don't like look bad, which include:

While I try to do so, and solve my own life problems, you can still talk to me. If you want, leave a comment on my talk page. But I don't blame you if you don't want to. Ciao!

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