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BS This userpage is bullshit.

This is a real picture of User:Mrthejazz. What a fuckwit.

User:Mrthejazz is undoubtedly, hands down, the dumbest, most idiotic stupid pile of potatoes shit on the face of the internet. His Kafkaesque blunders on the internet are so notorious that even Charlie Brown thinks he's pathetic. I'm not just saying that unwarranted either. I have proof![1]

User:Mrthejazz's real life is no so great either.

Being the outright hack that he is, User:Mrthejazz's only consolation in life is that by wasting so much time on the internet he actually might have developed some skill in writing, although he isn't sure if he is deluding himself or not. He has had a few articles featured on uncyclopedia, but said features are merely the result of slow voting periods, bribes, and suicidal threats.

If you ask me, the guy is up to something.

True examples of User:Mrthejazz absolutely failing at the internet[edit]

  • Joining a forum for people who were fans of that one movie "The Ring", and pretending he was a character on there who was killed by the girl on the ring and all the 12 year olds were scared. oooooooh.
  • Knowingly putting a redlink in the above listed item and not bothering to change it.
  • Joining because he wanted to start a revolution against the evil people at only to find out that the people there really don't care and "just do it for the lols" and he was a huge fucking idiot who didn't realize he joined a site of 4-channies.
  • Accusing another uncyclopedia user of plagiarism, which for the record, User:Mrthejazz is really sorry for, and will never live down.
  • Starting a bitter flame war with two members of the community he highly respects, which for the record, User:Mrthejazz is really sorry for and will never live down.
  • A generally polarizing attitude and almost phallic love of Andy Kaufman's way of looking at humor, which for the record, User:Mrthejazz is not sorry for because Andy Kaufman was awesome.

Things User:Mrthejazz does in his spare time[edit]

Sucks. He sucks in his spare time.


Balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls BALLS balls balls balls balls.

See Also[edit]

  1. Except for the charlie brown thing, because cartoon characters are imaginary and therefore not qualified to make commentaries on the lives of real people.