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“This island/land is well hidden”

~ Jackie Chan on Gensokyo


~ Rumia on eating invaders from the Evil Country and Grues, Eurgs, Ubergrues.

“Not alot of people can find us because our country can hide from things. No wonder Bush hates Bush because of weird things”

~ Minori on Gensokyo and outsiders

“The cleanest place”

~ Mr. Clean on Gensokyo

“No, eye am teh strongest! Eye am the smartest! And eye am teh Cleanest!”

~ Cirno on on herself being like the KING OF THE WORLD

Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka

~ Taiga Aisaka on the quote above and Cirno in general.

This country was founded by Hotdog BUN and Bill Nye the Silence Guy in 40,000BC. Later on in around 30,000BC, the Chinese Migrated there to check it out. It 1st became controlled by the Chinese.

The China, Japan, Korea, Exposition Devilry Route of the Rockport City Territory and Stacked Deck
Republic of Weirdness, Wireless Gensokyo
Flag of Gensokyo Coat of Arms of Gensokyo
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Pursuit of a Yellow Diablo
Anthem: Sway - Hype Boys and Melty Blood Bad Ending Theme
Gensokyo and it's island terrortories.
Capital Shenzhen Special Zone Press City
Largest city North China City
Official language(s) Chinese (all kinds), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Killer English (trying to get rid of it), 379nese
Government Chinorepanese Government, Anti-US
‑ Old President Kim Il Sung
‑ New President Lee Myung Bak
‑ Guardian of the whole country Rumia
‑ Commander of Death Komachi Onozuka and Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
‑ Commander and Leader of The Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Gensokyo Liberation Army Nue Houjuu
Ethnic groups Devils, Magicians, Vampires, Ghosts, Humans (not alot), Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Melty Bloodish
National Hero(es) Jackie Chan, Rumia, Lee Myung Bak, Dr. Who (not really)
Established 40,000BC
Currency Chinese Money, Brooms, Books
Religion Atheist, BMW, Kimchi
Major exports They don't export anything because of their greedyness.

The Country itself[edit]

This was a long hidden country and a long time ago only certain people were able to access it. But anywon living inside can leave at any time and attack other countries. This country has had a long complex history too. But it may as not be complex as Canada (well Canada at the time didn't have Balls anyway, it was all cut off) but still pretty complex for a person to go berserk and blow up stuff. It is very unknown why some people are numb because they can't think of no good for their life to say anything.

The History[edit]

Main Article Gensokyo History

It's 1st event started when at around 345BC it has a war against the invading Yu-Gi-Oh Galaxy but since Gensokyo didn't have any duel cards, they sent out some of their army to cut up the cards (which destroyed the monsters for good) and Rumia ate up the people then she ran away to eat up all the humans and monsters at their Galaxy. But somehow the Yu-Gi-Oh people changed the country's name to their name for a while. But then later Kim Il Sung did some shit and messed everything up. Then China saved the country again.

The Environment[edit]

It has alot of cities so it's very dull but then again there is still grass, the trees are barely there as they waste their products wisely. However, when somewon litters, a White American is killed off by the Animal Planet. However the cities don't give off pollution because Sunny Milk is eating it all the time and because of Nuclear Reactors which are designed to be giving of energy and being mostly harmless. But Korea designed the dull grass and made a full functioning Taiwanese Plane out of it. However, their air is always fresh because somewon literally cleans up the air with a vacuum cleaner. This has proven that it might be the cleanest place in the world, as proven by Dr. Kim Il.

The Numerous Takeovers[edit]

This country being controlled, actually should control itself. But since it's unstable, somewon had to control it and the Chinese did at 1st. But then a Pre-Vietnam War attacked the Chinese Homeland, so the Chinese traveled back to their homeland to save it but then Gensokyo went berserk like a wild tiger on the Atlantic House of Cookland. So Laos and North Korea had to maintain it's uncontrolled power. Later the island was sold at an auction and China, Korea, Japan had the same bid so they bought it. Then they needed some laws for the country. Since they couldn't make up laws, they had to use the ingenious focus and great minds to play on difficulty of levels. So they bought laws by spending their hard earned Golden Rings to themselves. So then laws were needed to control the country, right? So they still had to think.

Cheung Kong City, one of the major cities in Gensokyo
A busy day in downtown Super Rollcage City

Gensokyo's Very Strict, slippery and laid back laws[edit]

Their laws were pretty weak as they were strong. One of them said to not cause wars, but since the Europeans had to decide, they said they want no wars and no trade wars. They went to create the War of the Worlds but got banned by Antarctica. So then after the Karazy Kanadicans got fucking pissed off for piss off, they piss on the Icy Antarctic land. The penguins were angry as well so they fucked Canada in the ass for no reason and then fucked up USA..really good and well done like Bush did. After all the craze the Japanese Liberation Army made laws for Gensokyo.

ZUN's FUN Hotdog BUN Zip's response[edit]

7-zip and 7up had a long talk about the country's future but they couldn't do it themselves so then they created the ChinaKoreapanese Goverment to take care of everything. They would have hired Tornadoes but they were not of any help. So Kim Il Sung led the country on the top of his lungs until his death. Afterwards, Lee Myung Bak became the new president, and millions feared him like the Americans would fear A 2nd Vietnam but he turned out to be an ok president and good to be all set to go!

See? He's so great that he helps protect his wonderful country!

Gensokyo's Cities and Skylines[edit]

Gensokyo has the most uniquely named cities nowon would ever thought of. But their names were also weird and uncool, but hey, that's their style of living. They live like the Chinese, but act like the Koreans, and have a Japanese Goverment. Now that's pretty confusing, huh? Nope. They work hard to build their cities right but each has a Nuclear Reactor not far from each city. The reason is unknown, but it might be Mao Zedong's secret weapon. The cities run on infinite energy and never power out unless a thunderstorms strikes and new light bulbs had to be inserted in order to piss off. The only way to get a thunderstorm in the country is to purchase one from Russia but they cost pretty expensive so they create their own. But they needed cars so they bought some from their local dealership....back in China. There are also crimes in the city but not often. If there is then there would be always only one cop on the chase since the rest are so busy eating doughnuts and coffee cake.

It's attacks to other countries[edit]

The country did in fact attack the evil countries from time to time. It attacked the iRaq, the iRan, that stupid retarted country Afghanistan, Mars, Pluto, Dark Matter, Antarctica, Anthill, Beehive, Monopoly, and General Motors.

New Jerk City, after Cirno freezed it to death

Gensokyo has enemies so they attack the countries they hate constantly though they are not taking it over, they just attack or sometimes send people from other countries to attack them. They also hate bugs so they try to kill every sing bug on the planet (or at least in their country) and any bugs that trespass into the country, even if it's 1 little ant, they get banned and killed and sold to Can-a-DUH for artificial clothing issues. They also kill animals because they would chew up everything so if ya ever travel there with ya home pet, expect it to be killed once ya arrive with the pet in the country. They country is EXTREMELY strict on pets, bugs, and animals and if they see one, they kill and exterminate it. Because of this, people was complaining and even threatened to attack and invade the country but they get there ass kicked easily and they died too. How fortunate huh? Nope! This is a good idea. They also keep their water and lakes pretty clean too and there is no fish or any sea creature in the waters/lakes because they would cause problems too, hence why the "no fishing" sign was implied as well as the "no animals allowed" sign. Also, the odd thing is, not one, single country (not even Vietnam), would dare to go into war against it or otherise they would be wiped off the face of the planet.

The remains of some city in California, after being hit by a Gensokyo Punishment Thunderstorm

Future expansion[edit]

The country will eventually expand and try to take over countries around Europe and Asia. It seems it's not large enough to become a Superpower Country like PR China. Of course they got Japan, South Korea, and PR China pretty easily since those 3 countries control it at their own will. Plans also had it that Gensokyo will try to destroy USA and sell it to Vietnam. They are prepared to attack at will, and since they are 300 times more advanced than any other country in the world, they are prepared and ready for it. They got everything they need to attack and invade but they will wait a few more years before they attack, give others a break and to make sure the other countries don't have time to be ready. Of course Gensokyo threw away 2 useless stupid reatrted vampired (Remilia and Flandre) and threw them to Vietnam and since Vietnam can defeat ANY vampires the Vietnamese destroyed and ate Remilia and Flandre and the 2 stupid vampires were never heard from again which made Gensokyo MUCH safer!

Gensokyo's powers[edit]

Unlike other countries, the country itself, can move around, crash and "eat up" other countries, wipe out a country, turn another country into a commie power, and even flood it to death or the country disappears underwater, like Atlantis. It has the power to teleport anywhere, even out of Earth and if it appears on top of a country, it can squish it and make the country it squished, underwater or all the way to Middle Earth. It can also screw up the world all together very badly as well, and make peaces of it be separated and floating away acting like a new island and make the continent look like a new shape altogether! The country (as well as the people themselves) can destroy, kill, and eat Grues, Eurgs, and Ubergrues as Grues, Eurgs, and Ubergrues CAN NOT, no matter how hard they try, eat Gensokyo nor it's people. It's impossible and i they try, they die. Gesnokyo is immune to them anyway, so there are absolutely no Grues of any kind on the island.

What the world looks lime when Gensokyo screws up Earth real good. Note that Gensokyo isn't there, it's hidden from view.

National Sports[edit]

One of the national sports is Freezing Frogs, as they only include it in the Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, most puny humans (except Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, and maybe Vietnamese) can't freeze anything except by putting their own head in the freezer after cutting it off. Anpother sport is to try and catch Mystica (a human bird) and Aya (an Eagle, Bird, Human type) and eat them. It's a very popular sport and they are tasty to eat, for best results, cook them and then eat them. But after you eat them, sadly, you throw up and they come back to life. Why? because of some weird technique or magic. Another sport is a flying race and that is to circle around the Globe 3 times while flying and without getting tired AND in less than 39 hours. In this event, there are NO use of planes (even if it contains Snakes), Racing Plane, Helicopter at all. Only people with wings can fly and participate in the race. So far, no human can't last long enough since they get tired and when they do, they fall into a hidden spike or hidden bomb and die. Their sports are too harsh and the rules are very difficult to follow for any puny humans in general.

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