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Nabister hates American religious people, because they're creepy Nazis and just as dangerous as terrorists. Not to mention they're utter bigheads and bleed Britain dry more than Jews are supposed to - we only finished paying off the last of our WW2 debt in December 2006. LONG LIVE THE FREE COUNTRIES!
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OK, that's all the templates done, now let's get on with it. >thrashes stray templates< Welcome to the Uncyclopedia page of the biggest n00b-lover on the Net! I love the things n00bs get up to...most of the time. They can be hilarious.

OK, I admit it. I am a n00b, but I've edited pages before and they don't look like the product of a retarded 5-year-old.

What n00bs and vandals do to pages.

However, they do look something like the yellow tin can.

My signature image. Aaah...

This page will probably make you:

  • Laugh at my n00biness
  • Mutter swear words under your breath
  • Smash the computer screen
  • Or simply denounce me as an unfunny n00b.

Whichever way, I don't actually care because I can't see you. Goodbye and have a nice day(!)

About me[edit]

Since everyone else seems to have this section, I thought what the hell, might as well put some stuff down about myself.

  • I live somewhere on the northernmost outskirts of London. Not telling any more as it will result in me getting kicked.
  • Ditto my age.
  • I have ONE small silver spotted agouti non-pedigree cat called Salami with yellowish-green eyes who was born May 28, 2005 and is neutered, and a few black-and-white or black self cats, all non-pedigree and strays who keep hanging around the back garden. Currently Salami is being mad in the back garden.
  • No cats are allowed in the house; I live with my parents and my mother has athsma so shedded fur causes problems and we have carpets, so max in the kitchen. My room and the living room too in the winter.
  • I have two rooms: the master bedroom and a room with all my stuff in. Selfish me!
  • I am obsessed with POTC and hate High School Musical, because the latter is an annoying n00by...thing.
  • I hate n00bs in general. Who doesn't?
  • I love marbles and have a collection of over 400.
  • My interests are reading every good book I can get my grubby hands on and image manipulation. Also singing, drama, hockey and swimming.
  • I sometimes get the irresistible urge to pace the room and weave out vivid scenes in my head. This happens about 5 times a day.
  • I enjoy watching good comedy. The sort with a lot of irony and sarcasm in it.
  • In real life I'm shy and introverted with a bad temper.
  • Salami lives in the shed.
  • >looks at sign on top< Sorry, did I forget to mention I have a Jewish background and I am Israeli-born? Not that I support the decisions of the Israeli Parliament...they're all believers and I am a disestablishmentarianist. Plus, I have always found Orthodox Jews decidedly creepy.


Ideas for new articles? Ideas for improving existing ones? I'll write them here to save myself the trouble of writing them down in a notebook. I'm lazy like that.

“In Soviet Russia, ideas think up YOU!!

  • And...any ideas that I dismiss will be deleted from this page.
  • And...any ideas that work I shall link to.

Yummy Mummy (actually, it's a fuckload of crap so feel free to delete it.)

Satanium I ended up thanking an admin for reverting some vandalism *blushes* I AM SUCH A NOOB. Other than that, I think it needs a rewrite.

Bamzooki Yay! It's gone!