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Well here we are then one and nobody.... subpage

Some like it odd[edit]

If you're here your either:

  1. Researching the life and times of George Washington
  2. Looking for a foreign codpeice and feeling dissapointed
  3. Holding onto fistfuls of evaporate codpeices

If not then why, for the love of the Jee man why?....

Gblogo.jpgCare free wiki yodelling[edit]

I eventually aim to get off my tiny white behind and write something for this place, my most beloved of places. Mainly I just turn up on random talk pages wih an opinion which nobody cares about anyway.

NOTE: Everything good comes on a stick

Here's a bloody list of stuff I might never do (hence the red links)....

Buddychr.png This user has found Jesus, and is therefore no longer a threat to society.

I'm watching from the ceiling......