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Manic depression is the most AMAZING feeling ever! When it hits me - the mania I mean - I feel like a could EXPLODE with happiness! The energy is incredible: I lose myself, become a hyper-manic blur. The witty one-liners come thick and fast like a 40s comedian. You won't get a word in edgeways! Everybody thinks I'm the Greatest Guy in the World and can't stop laughing at my hilarious antics, nor can they resist my overwhelming animal magnetism! Everybody loves me!! I'm on FIREEEEEEEEE!!!!!

But then...[edit]

Oh GOD I feel so LOW. I mean, what's the point anymore, you know? Why bother with anything? I'm obviously a disaster at everything I do. I mean look at me right now, I'm supposed to writing this article on manic depression and I can't even do that right! I just want to fall down and just not do anything. Sit for a while....stop breathing cause I'm wasting everyone's oxygen....God, what's the point. Why is all this happening to me?

It's All Because of YOU[edit]

YOU did this, didn't you!? You want to see me miserable and depressed! You want to see my fall down and cry. Well I've got news for you. I FUCKING HATE YOU AND I'M NOT GOING TO SUCCUMB TO YOUR EFFORTS TO PUT ME DOWN. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU! AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?!?!

You're my Bessssssssst frieeennnddd!!![edit]

I mean, what could I do without someone like you? What? Don't be silly, I could never get mad at you. I mean, you're such a great person. I just LOOVVVEEE YOU! Did anyone ever tell you they love you? It's basically thegreatestfeelinginthewholeworld. You didn't catch that? I'll say it more slowly! It's only thegreatestfeelingthatonecaneverfeelinthewholewiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiideworld! Wideworld!

Soanyway, being manic is more or less alsothegreatest. It gives you a ton of energy, all the time! Except one trulyfuckingawfullikedeath part about it is that it's likeyknowTOOMUCHENERGY??? Haveyouever felt that way? Of course not. You're not manic... no one is... no one can relate to me...

...ever[edit] being a manic depressive... it's... just so...

...I can't even... explain. It isn't even... too... complicated, right? But... it just takes... time, and energy, and... CHRIST, why even bother. This is a frustrating mess. I mean... who even calls it manic depression? That term is so... what's the word... such a hard word... outdated? No, not the one I'm looking for... GOD I'M DUMB.