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Trick or Treat Street!

It’s Halloween and you have spent all year preparing that wonderful costume. But oh wait, your parents are Christian, and view Halloween as a satanic ritual. They won’t allow you to go out with the other (normal) children as “your soul is worth more than a bag of sweets!” Yeah right, what do they know? They were never ten.

So you must resort to sneaking out in order to win back some of that all important dignity and get some “street credz” with your classmates. You climb down the drainpipe, which is conveniently placed just outside your bedroom window and jump the last few feet. Dressed in your scary attire and with your environmentally-friendly-reusable-Co-Op bag in hand you make your way through the town.

Ten-o-clock passes and then eleven. The police are out searching for you and your mother’s had a seizure but you are oblivious. Your environmentally-friendly-reusable-Co-Op bag is sagging and nearly full and you’ve fallen in with a pretty cool crowd of werewolves that just vandalised an old lady. Things are looking up.

Then the police arrive and the gang scatter leaving you to take the rap. You run too. For longer than you ever have in your life, not caring about the profanity you here coming from your fallen comrades. You’ve escaped and find yourself in a small crescent with the rather topical name, Trick or Treat Street. You may as well carry on tricking and blend in, you decide, even though there appears to be nobody around.

As you are equidistant from each door you pick one at random.

You Choose...[edit]

Door one.jpg
Door one...

Door 2.jpg
Door two...

Door 3.jpg
Door three...

Door 4.jpg
Door four...