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Welcome to the UnBooks UnLibrary!

Here are the UnBookshelves of all UnBooks. For official UnBooks on Uncyclopedia, see here (Unofficial UnBooks categories include Recipes, Plays, HowTo and Instructions and are not included in the UnLibrary).

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Welcome, Quality-hound, to the UnBest section! Here you will find some of the greatest works from the rest of the library. That of course doesn't mean you don't have to look through the other shelves to find a good olde Diamond in the rough.



Welcome, Children to the UnJunior section. Here you will find stories that are perfectly suited to your reading capabilities. All will have age-apropriate content, most will even have a none-to-subtle moral! How exiting!


Welcome, Housewife, to the UnRomance section. Here You can fins stories with romance at their hearts. Stories about affairs and walks on moonlit beaches and the like. Something to mastubate to while your husband is on a buisness trip.


Welcome, Soulsearcher, to the UnJournal section. Here you can "learn from other's experiances" by reading up on Journeys of self descovery and diarys of the desturbed.


Welcome, Creep, to the UnHorror section! Here you can find all the grizly stories of monsters, murder, gore and unnescessary erotic scenes. something to masturbate to.


Welcome, Nerd, to the UnSci-fi section! Here you will find stories longer and more complicated than the CERN labaoritories. Stories about intergalatic space war that frequently come with their own language that you to learn. For fun. In your parent's basement.


Welcome, Poetry-Lover, to the UnPoetia section. Here you can find poetry on a wide range of missery, pain, suffering and such. Don't be silly, all poetry is like that.


Computers and Internet[edit]

Welcome, IT Man, to teh computers and internet section here you can pretend to brush up on your IT knowledge before going back to your job of throwing malteasers in the air and catching them with your mouth untill someone forgets their pass word.


Welcome, Stranger, to the UnGuides section! Here you will find our collection of guides ranging from dating advice to Self-help. See also the HowTo section.

UnTravel Guides[edit]

Welcome, Tourist, the the UnTravel Guides! Here you will find peoples experiance of places and the people that live there. This means that you can share their experiance for much less than the cost of a flight to go there.


Welcome, Student, To the Unversity section. Here you can brush up on all sorts of topics: from Philiosophy to Biology and back again. You could even steal these textbooks to replace teh ones you burnt when you were drunk!


Helo, Reverand/Rabbi/Immam/Atheist, and welcome to the UnReligion section. Here you will find out all you need to know about the enemy via a selection of polemics and documents blessed by your various gods and leaders.


Hello, Mr Average, and welcome to the UnSupernatural section. Here you will be able to learn about anything a little out of teh ordinary.


Welcome, Outcast, to the Misc section! Here you will find books like yourself: ones that, no matter how hard they try, just don't fit in.


Due to his incredible lazyness the UnLibrarian Has not shelved these books yet. You can help by shelving them. You can also help by looking through here and finding books not featured in the UnLibrary. You can then either dump them under heare on shelve them. The UnLibrary would like to thank you for your... er... Well we'll thank you just in case.

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