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When Orian or YTTE (or even our pre-historic, friendly dinosaur pet) see a completed (or nearly completed) UnProvise that's really, really good quality they will award it a merit. Everyone who was involved in the UnProvise can stick a pretty merit template on their userpage and can bask in their own self-imagined glory. A number of merits for each UnProviser is kept along with a user list on the mainpage.

Merits are designed just to be a little award to encourage people to keep on UnProvising and to also help highlight some of the example pieces on UnProvise.


Depending on the number of people who choose to use UnProvise, various competitions may be run. Users can choose to run competitions between teams, to see which team can create the funniest UnProvise. These competitions are quite informal and are allowed as long as things don't get out of hand. YTTE or Orian will be happy to judge the competitions, to avoid bias or bad-loserism.

More official competitions may be run by YTTE and Orian in the future.


If an UnProvise is of really good standard and can be easily transformed into article format it may be nominated for feature on Uncyclopedia like any other article. UnProvise of the Month and UnProvise of the Week awards may also be established in time.

There is also an UnProviser of the Month award which goes to the very best UnProviser of the, well, um, month. Er, yeah. Go vote there.