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This is a survey, conducted by the State to find out your opinion on stuff. Please fill in the bubbles with a No. 2 pencil, and do not cheat. (Yes, I'm looking at you, <insert name here>). You have x minutes starting whenever the hell you feel like it.

<Poll> Do you like my userpage? Yes. (pssst. This is the correct answer!) It's better than sex! Meh. No. Just kidding! But really. IT FUCKING SUCKS COCK LIKE YOU BITCH </Poll>

<poll> Do you think I'm a good writer? Yes. Reading your articles is better than sex! Meh. I HOPE YOU ARE RAPED TO DEATH BY YOUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER'S PENIS </poll>

<poll> Where do I live? Um...Europe? Some continent Meh. The moon. Obviously. YOU LIVE IN PENISLAND YOU CUNTY FAGGOT </poll>

<poll> Do you like me? I wuv u! Only if you give me a cookie. Meh. Uh...sure. UR GONNA BURN IN HELL YOU FUCKING JEW!!!!! </poll>

<poll> I'm a Mexican-American. What do you think of Mexicans in general? They're smelly and can't spick English. Fucking illegal immigrants taking over our great country. Meh. Tacos! I KNEW IT YOUR A NIGGER </poll>

<poll> What is your general opinion of Uncyclopedia? Uncyclopedia is the worst! Fuck Uncyclopedia Uncyclopedia is the gayest shit ever I hate Uncyclopedia Fuck you uncyclopedia admin's </poll>

<poll> Generic pointless underbrush. A soft, gentle torture session Air guitar with a sword Falling out of gravity Swimming in a sea of concrete </poll>

Thank you for taking my survey, <insert name here>. Unless you didn't.... in which case I'll be over there crying peeling an onion...