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You have come across the userpage of Pandamonium - this serves mainly as an output for experimenting on things, trying to improve grammah and so forth.. It also serves as a place where one can basically do what one wants (yes.. you heard right..)

aww.. look at the cute little pand-?! WTF IS THAT?!!
aww..look at the cute little rabb.. AAAH!!
an artist's depiction of your brain as it reads this article

Though vandals should be aware that as the self-appointed panda devil any attempts to blank and otherwise ruin this page will result in angry panda attacks (plus ridicule for blanking userpages of all things). If you actually expected witty humor, cutting-edge design and creativity on this page well.. you expected a lot, didn't you?

This is Pandamonium - more than just black-and-white.. (yes, I made a funny.. it was *meant* to be funny.. yes, it really was..)