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This entry is not to be confused with the Nirvana (band) song, Hair of the Dog (song).
Man who thought he was too sober to need a "hair of the dog".
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Peter Brindafella/Hair of the dog.

A hair of the dog or hair of the dog that bit you/me is the beneficial alcoholic drink that you have the day after drinking lots of booze so that your brain is re-started properly. It is the classic Medicinal Purposes drink. A shot/slug of rum or vodka is the typical choice.

  • With it: Your brain-fog quietly subsides and your lizard-cortex communes with your guts so that nothing more needs to come out your mouth.
  • Without it: Your brain begins to infect your optic nerves and your eyes turn red, bloat, and explode, causing your brain to rupture at about the same time that your guts need to hurl themselves on the new carpet.


It is counter-intuitive, however, three or more hair of the dog drinks is not a substitute for one[1].

Water is a very poor substitute.

Bourbon is a substitute.


The name came about because primitive man (those born before the advent of television) thought that they could stave off the effect of a rabid dog by having a bit of of its hair mixed into a drink or placed in the wound made by the dog[2]. Interestingly, scientists of the period (witchdoctors) knew that you had to have a crepe made from tomatoes blended with the foreskin of a non-rabid dog and lightly pan-fried. (Foreskin preparation video)

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