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B.F. Gardner was born on the lower East side of Toronto in 1953 and was immediately put up for adoption by his invalid mother, a 16 year old Jarvis Collegiate student. He began his writing career in the washrooms of Riverdale Collegiate in 1970.In 1975 he married his high school sweetheart, Lynn Walmski, a Polock from Beamsville Ontario. In 1980 he went for psychological evaluation at the Harry Hardin Psychiatric Institute in North York next to his wife's store, Buy Mea Boutique. In short, Harry had this to say: "He is lonely and depressed..lacks self respect..prefers solitary activities like writing poetry..lacks financial and occupational ambition..and has episodes of voyerism. Full score I.Q. tests fell in the Above Normal range with evidence of anxiety. Tests show he is an avid reader and collector of information. Personality testing showed Mr. Gardner to be a shy, seclusive, non-confident intellectual man with sensitive aesthetic interests and evidence of emotional blunting and shows indifference to significant people in his life. He detaches himself and avoids close relationships because of strong sexual impulses. He is a sociopathic schizoid type personality with delusions of grandeur and mild ambulatory excursions where he finds himself following people because he thinks he knows them." B.F. Gardner spent two years as Writer in Residence at the South Borden Building on the West side of the University of Toronto. He was in the steam tunnel connecting the South and North Borden Buildings with a young Co-ed (reading poetry??) when a wall collapsed and crushed the Co-ed like air being sucked out of a beer can. B.F. got up and ran over to the Silver Dollar to call the police when he was stabbed to death by a stripper who "saw a crazy man coming at me yelling and screaming." She wanted to have his child so had herself artificially intimidated with his sperm and a son was born nine months later. She named it Phrenos.