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Please help me. <insert name here> is the only one who can help. If you don't help I don't know anyone else to turn to. I'm only a little star. I'm Proxima Centauri. I'm a little girl star actually. I'm not a bright shiny star like Sirius. And I'm not a powerful luminous start like Rigel. I’m red like Betelgeuse but I’m little and I’m not huge like Betelgeuse. And my nearest neighbours are Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B and they're both a quarter of a light year away. And I'm all alone in a big Galaxy. And I'm scared I'll get hurt.

.I'm a bigger Ninjastar now. I'm not a little star any more.

The story tells about how the aliens and the Terrans managed together. A at first the 2 messed things up entertainingly. Later the story gets deadly serious and frightening. I tried this story here when I was a little nooblette, barely a week old. It wasn't right for Uncyclopedia. I’ve found a nice wiki for the science fiction story. On Wikia Fiction my story can be happy and won’t be too different from the other stories.

This article was considered useless clutter here on April 8th 2008. Now it’s one of the most visited stories in Novelas. Well that just shows one shouldn’t write a story off too quickly.

Articles I’ve started[edit]

  • My 1st Uncyclopedia article:-
    Proxima Centauri and the aliens of Porrila This is an Uncyclopedic article about the characteristics of the aliens and their strange attachment to MUD. Unless other Uncyclopedians alter it they're the same aliens as in the story above.
  • My 2nd Uncyclopedia article:-
    Premarital wanking. This is a funny uncyclopedic article but it makes serious points about religion and sexual repression. It's also about prudish old gentlemen and prudish old ladies who don't like it when youngsters have fun.
  • My 3rd Uncyclopedia article:-
    Adam and Eve It shows why religion doesn't make sense. The article is funny. The harm religion cases isn't in any way funny. How many women stay with abusive husbands? How many men stay with abusive wives? Both sexes are pressured into staying in bad marriages because the imaginary Christian God objects to divorce. That's just one example of how religion dies harm.

Article I’ve worked on[edit]

Ive worked on many more.


I do most of my creative writing now on Novelas, we're a tidy little community there most of the time. The Wiki Administrators there don't give me much trouble because I'm one of them, I don't get to use the dreaded Block user button too often because most of the users there are well behaved.

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Sorry Skully. I didn't edit Skully's quote but I used Skully's formatting and forgot to sign. I wrote, "he's unbanned". Uncyclopedians might have thought that Skully wrote it! Sorry, sorry, sorry. Please don't ban me again. It was only 13 secs. Now it's entered in my block log. If I do anything like that again next time it will be worse! AAAAAAAAA!

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You can’t disprove God. If god is defined broadly to include superior aliens with godlike powers it’s impossible to prove that god/gods don’t exist. By the way I write a lot about aliens. I think aliens are possible. None have been found (yet?).

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