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Below, you'll find my featured articles and pictures, as well as the other stuff I've worked on. But when there are policy dictators around, who cares? I'm out of here. Ciao, Uncyclopedia. -- Rei 22:20, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

Potatochopper of the Month Award Potatochopper of the Month May 2007

[email protected] (remove q's that were added in to despammify)

A few of the articles or pictures that I've either completely composed or otherwise played a major role in (stars denote featured):

Deja vu Static Ebonics Quidditch Exorcism Subtilty Nethack Misleading Redirection Moby Dick Zen* Brevity Deja vu Space Shuttle Kitty Hawk Hiroshima Pyramid Scheme Joan of Arc Norm Coleman Ralph Nader Amazon parrot African Grey Road Mark Foley Bobby Fischer Bobbing for apples Constructa Sound Is Compressed; Words Rebel And Hiss Geece HowTo:Stalk your ex 2003 Invasion of Iraq

UnNews articles:

Obama regrets saying soldiers lives 'Wasted', 'Pointless' Flock of pigs terrorize Senate offices; Clinton still refuses to apologize for Iraq vote Overly political spider becoming annoying* Al-Qaeda No. 3 says he planned 9/11, says kangaroo court Local cancer loses battle with woman*


Sharks.jpg Mouseketeer.jpg Subtle.jpg Valentine bird.jpg Valentine card.jpg Wedding.jpg Ein elefant.jpg Furry cabinet.jpg Artistic license.jpg Probe.jpg Zen.gif Marionette-opt.gif Bush bill slow.gif Static.gif Enron fields.jpg Phalangist.jpg Stalking.gif Foreigners.jpg Vote republican.jpg Bloodforoil1.jpg Dantes prayer.jpg Turning japanese.jpg Robotsign.jpg Homealonereloaded.jpg Wolfintheshell.jpg Microsoft chic.jpg Chicken chic.jpg Military dove.jpg Earth dew.jpg Froggy drink.jpg Pope-darwin.jpg Doublecity.jpg Apples.jpg Cavespace.jpg Leonardo.jpg Trinary.jpg Diamond.jpg Dream2.jpg Armageddon.jpg Nbc glass.jpg AdorationOfStarch.jpg Mecca tasty.jpg Jesusroadsign evil.JPG Joan of arc2.jpg NormColeman.jpg MissionAccomplished2.jpg Spider1.jpg Spider2b.jpg Spider3.jpg