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Tie Your SCHUlace! Shoe.jpg
Hey! It's me, SCHUlace, And I'm here so you can cry from laughter.
See the one on the Right? That's me! I am SOOO hot!

As you may know by now, I am Ron. Just kidding! Well, Anyway, I'll keep you up on my contribs and I'll have them down here!

And this is me when I'm High!


Yup, that's my alias. Ducktown, USA. Pretty cool, huh? Well I am Going to make some SUPER-EDITS that will make it to the front page. You can count on it. And soon enough I will be an admin! and I won't delete things except REALLY bad articles. And oh, yeah! My name is cool. It is based off of "shoelace", but I made some renovations. Now, it's the coolest name on the site! And I wish I could Make a member named Ducktown, but who cares. NOBODY!!!!

Don't forget my daily news updates! those will bring some fascinating news to the table. And my new "Vitamin Ehanced Body Spray" which is full of vitamin E and is good for burns. I will bring raw humor to the table, but most of it will probably get huffed. Oh, darn. But what doesn't is good and is front page quality! And, I got some good pictures, too! so you could see me with n00b or writer of the Month!


SCHUlace is Awesome![edit]

I'm in disguise and I'm concealed within the bear.

I am so cool, and you are not. So you have officially been warned. I will probably mostly adopt articles though. Alright I'll just keep it plain and simple. I'm cool, you're not. Live with it. And I will ban you if you think otherwise. So bow down to me! And get me some Sunkist. I love that stuff!


Thus far I have made: