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The four members of the team - Legrand, Chirac, Malkovich and de Gaulle.

The French Barber Shop Quartet Olympic Team are, outside of the USA, the best Barber Shop Quartet turned Olympic Team in the world. Inside of the USA, they eat lots of hotdogs and understand the rules of American Football. But that's not important right now.

All four members of the team are from France, obviously. They are:

Competitive History[edit]

The team compete in many different events, including swimming, relay, shotput, formula 1, snowboarding, kangaroo racing and competitive nuclear weapon creation. They have not done very well in recent years as due to the strengthening of terrorism laws, the competitive nuclear weapon creation event was dropped by the Olympic Committee in 1987. Damn capitalism.

At the European Olympics for the Singing Frenchmen, or EOSF, they came a lowly sixth. In swimming, they were disqualified for wearing their hats in the water. They did particularly well in the kangaroo racing, but as the events were held in Europe, and kangaroos live in Australia, they went and had some frog's legs instead, because nobody cares.