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Hello there, uninformed users and potential stalkers! Here, you can learn a bit about me:

My real name is Steven, and i'm 14 years old, currently residing in the mid-western United States. I enjoy XBox, and read at a 12th grade level.

Uncyclopedian career[edit]

I joined Uncyclopedia back in November of 08', and spent most of my first few months nominating stupid articles for VFH. It wasn't until I nominated my first article for VFD that I became really active. I spent the next few weeks nominating articles for VFD, most of them being deleted. Then, I found my calling.

I reviewed an article (terribly, at that) and soon after began to enjoy reviewing. After about 3 short, stubby reviews, Under User dropped me a line and gave me some advice on reviewing. Since then, i've tried to make my reviews as helpful as possible. I finished up my first Reviewing month of April with a new purpose on Uncyclopedia.

Though I don't really write articles (and the ones I write aren't very good), I enjoy reviewing as well as voting to get rid of articles.

Personal Views[edit]

In American political terms, I am a Independent leaning left. Socially, I agree with the liberals, as I support abortion, gun restriction, legalizing marijuana, and gay marriage. Fiscally and foreign policy-wise, I fall in line with the conservatives.

As you might guess from all of that, I am a political junkie, and spend quite a bit of time on American political sites. I am also a supporter of rebuilding the Twin Towers.