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“A fine example of a userpage, brilliantly juxtaposed with the curious addition of a marvellously subtle list of what is essentially a variety of Uncyclopedia masterpieces waiting to break out into recognition.”

~ Movie critic on this userpage


Talk - Formatting sandbox - Unfinished articles - Former sigs Current sig - The hate I'm that good - IRC I discovered what IRC is
Pointless sub-pages: /edithistory

Works (articles are in reverse chronological order, latest to earliest. Not including articles I don't care about)

That time I nearly X during my sojourn in a Y - I hopped on the bandwagon
An article to have sex with - wow, I was boooored
The Berzerker - the truth is I'm not that good at writing
Uncyclopedia Needs More Snakes - easily my best work

Templates I have made - User is chav | User is goth | User is mosher | Article is biased towards communism