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The City of Ryde is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and is Australia’s largest Cesspool. It was founded by the Flying Spaghetti Monster in 1910. To date, Ryde Council's only achievment has been to produce the granny smith apple, which has since gone green with envy at all other varieties of toxic fruit. Since then, inhabitants have mainly been miscellaneous farm animals and sewer creatures.


After being founded in 1910, Ryde was quickly recognised as a Cesspool and recieved the title of "Australias Biggest Cesspool" in 1920. Recently, the city experienced a major upgrade, fixing a bent nail in a road sign.


In a recent tourism campaign, the slogan “Ryde Pride Worldwide” was used. This was an effective campaign seeing a 50% increase in the number of rats in the area.

The not so successful "My other Ride is RYDE" bumper stickers.


People spend 90% of their time at the “Macquarie Centre”, an Al Qaeda base shopping centre which features an Oporto, McDonalds, Appetitos and Ice Skating Rink. In competition with Macquarie Centre, is Top Ryde Shopping Centre, which was so good it had to be demolished in late 2007.

PeNiS ELS hall sportsground in Ryde.


Ryde features an international airport, which in recent times, has been heavily critised by the Transport Minister for “Continual arrival of Snakes on a plane

The centre of Ryde is predominantly taken up with waste management, while the surrounding area is covered with terrorist training camps houses