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If you do not know what the word "Sanguine" means, please go away. If you do know what it means, you are too smart for your own good and therefore should go kitten huffing to lower your intelligence, and then come here and then go away. Or, you can stay here and bug me and we can be to smart for our own good until our heads a splode. Yeah, that last one sounds like more fun. Unless kitten huffing is just your kind of thing. By all means.

What I am all about.[edit]

Mostly, I am about being fun, stupid, idiotic and a girl. But sometimes, as noted by the intro, I do like being smart. In the nerdy way, not the annoying way. I do like to snark, though. To snark is to truly know how to use sarcasm, to the extent that not even YOU know that you're being sarcastic. Well, I'm almost a master snarker; I have yet to snark without knowing it.

Other stuff.[edit]

I like to read both books, comics, and faces. I am a halo fan-girl even though I have only played halo once and got my butt kicked. It was first to 50 kills, and it was between me and my friend Jay and his cousin. Jay won, and it was close with his cousin only 2 behind. And guess what my score was: I had four. And not even four. It was three, because I acidentally killed my halo dude once. yeah. Pathetic.

More other stuff.[edit]

I have a friend whose name is Spencer Slaughter. I'm not lying. He says that if he has kids and it's a boy, he'll name it Man. And if it's a girl, Bunny. My other friends are equally crazy, and, surprisingly enough, I was told that I am the voice of fairly reasonable reason. This comes from the group of people going to a Masquerade birthday party with midevil food.

Amazing quotes[edit]

These are real quotes I got from real people. They may or may not be take out of context.

“Choking someone with a bra!!”

~ Enraged girl yelling at sympathetic girls

“6. 12. 24! 48!!”

~ Cory, who can't remember why he said that

“Shielding his face...with a gerbil!”

~ Michael freaking out in Math

“It's just leaf! It's just a leaf...”

~ Some girl defending a plant

“I don't know how to freaking draw a chicken!”

~ Amazing Drew, who is still Amazing, even though he can't draw chickens. That's like the only thing he can't draw, though; he's in AP art.

“I hate common sense.”

~ A guy in calculus

“I was wrestling on a trampoline...”

~ Jordan, explaining the strange marks all over his arms

“Why does it say happy hole on your pants?!”

~ Robbie. I don't want to explain why he said it because it's funnier if you don't know

“Your underwear's on top of your underwear!!”

~ Sadly, me

“Well, that just puts the icing on the frosting.”

~ Cori

“I have domesticated coins!”

~ Emily in AP World

“I wonder if you can, like, think if you're a rock?”

~ Zack, pondering Greek mythology

“Pigs & coins, pigs & coins, pigs & coins!!”

~ Emily again, also in AP World, freaking out

“Lemons don't grow on trees, do they? Really?!”

~ Emily. AP World.

“On a scale of one to ten, how naked ARE you?”

~ Jacob. Also said pi and the SIN wave are gay.

“It's time to die, fish.”

~ Mr. Culp, best AP Bio teacher EVER

“I only set stuff on fire that's SUPPOSED to be set on fire.”

~ Emily, AP Lit this time, discussing Dante's Inferno

“I stole it from the air! Wait, that made no sense.”

~ Emily, AP Lit, still amazed that she actually said this

“Why'd you call me a fruit loop? That's insinuating gay circumstances.”

~ Gabe. I don't want to ask.

“Ok, so one time I blew up an Axe can in my bathroom.”

~ Zack. No explination needed.

“Who wants to guess what my pants are stained with?”

~ Brad. It was blood, by the way.

“I stapled my finger, I stapled my finger, I stapled my finger, it hurts!!”

~ Emily, when she stapled her finger in AP World.

“"Girly" and "Zombie" don't even go in the same sentance.”

~ Hannah, on Halloween

“Yeah, it's the smell that my house sounds like.”

~ Jason, on what computer labs smell like

“You called me short on a stick!”

~ Joan, when Ross gave her a popsicle stick that said "short"

“I think my second favorite hobby, other than thinking, is making people laugh.”

~ Me. Hey, it sounded better when I thought it!

“Why does your backpack smell so bad? Zack's soul is in it.”

~ Christina, who has one of Zack's soles

“It's in my face why wouldn't I smell it?”

~ Christina again, explaining why she smelled Zack's soleless shoe

“Well, hey, that was fun...and entirely useless. But isn't that what the internet's for?”

~ Me, on updating this site

“I don't want to die on the f ing school bus!!”

~ The girl who sat behind me commenting on the crazy temp busdriver we had today

“You opened your mouth so wide, you could stick both feet in.”

~ Some guy telling Tyler how NOT to ask questions about the seducers in Dante's Inferno.

“Are you kidding? It's freaking smart. The minnow's crafting a shiv.”

~ Gabe, on why the minnow we fed to the big fish in Mr. Culp's room was hiding under a rock.

“I like cheesy movies because they make me feel happy about life.”

~ Kept anonymous at Alissa's request

“I've got a pick-up truck and 52 chairs, let's make this work!”

“That means ME. I get a thosand bonus points.”

~ Mr. Culp, on acing a test.

“With 17 people you can knock down a pretty big tree. Hey, it's a passtime.”

~ A kid in my ap bio class defending taking 17 people on a hike.

“Hey, Spencer, feel this bread.”

~ Rob. Figure that out for yourself.

“I'm going to practice lock picking. Not to rob people, just for fun.”

~ Spencer. He gets bored a lot.

“OK, let's get our grafting calculators and tinker!”

~ My cal teacher's professor.

“I asked for a nickle and somebody gave me an orange!!”

~ Me. Because that really happened.

“Well, a gay bar would seem to be a happy place. An un-gay bar would just be violent.”

~ Some guy at an anime convention.

“Yeah, well, don't drink and sell yourself!”

~ World history class. Must I say more?

“Hey, he wasn't a pot head, he just slept around!”

~ McGarah, on former president Clinton.

“Oh, and that old lady over there? I thought she was a witch, but she was just really ugly.”

~ Emily Anderson telling us what would happen if the sophomore became a whitehouse sniper.

“You don't understand, I get hit in the face A LOT.”

~ Sam trying to explain what happened when he got beat up by a bouncer.

“You pooped in the refridgerator and ate a wheel of cheese. Congratulations!”

~ Your guess is as good as mine.

“We're gonna have fun, but nobody's gonna be naked!”

~ Hooray Calculus!

“I almost got stabbed by a German kid. I had to give him 200 euros. "You mean you got mugged?" "NO I got lost!!”

~ Sam got mugged. If you see him, tell him that.

“Blah blah blah let's mate! Blah blah blah sure!" "You mean like drunk people?" "Very, very drunk people.”

~ The discussion about the Hardy-Weinburg equilibrium in ap bio.

“I'll be over there if anything happens, you know, fire, blood, not breathing." "How much blood?" "Enough to stain the carpet.”

~ Gotta love ap bio.

“I heard she got the dress because it was 'easy access.'”

~ Isn't prom great???

One more thing[edit]

I am writing a book. If it becomes published you shall all be the first to know. If you cared, that is.

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