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Get a life[edit]

This man,they call Scienceblows....[edit]

A man,a myth,a legend.He is thought to have started this little place we call home,we're unaware of his birth place. But people around the world know him.Everyone around the world has been on a 270 year expedition to find him. Some say he's in all of us. Some say he's not real. Others just say fuck off. But we have quite possibly the very first real sighting ever seen of him. And we're showing it to you now.

This is supposedly Scienceblows in his natural habitat

Aw fuck,you did it now[edit]

It's been said,that every 1,000 years. on this day, this very day. that Scienceblows pays a visit to all that have done good in this life. There have been many reported sightings of seeing a holy being with a name tag stating "scienceblows",but,then again most of them were crackheads,or druggies,or alchohalics,or just anything.

possibly the ancient scripts?

The followers[edit]

There is a vast group of people who are on a hunt to find this man. they are called "P.O.T.H.O.S" otherwise known as "people on the hunt on science". Theses people are bastards,and will fuck up anyone who tries to stop them. This thing has been going on for 200 hundred years and been passed down from generation,to generation. people tend to believe the man who started this all was a descendant of Scienceblows,no one is for sure. We have found ancient scripts believed to be a religion book of the P.O.T.H.O.S

The Country named after this god of sorts[edit]

yes,this guy had his very own country. How? They found a vacant land,took it,bought a flag and called it Sciencia.what dumbasses.It's located near Iceland,why? Because,they wanted it to be. It's been overly populated for 13 yrs. now,and now every year they make a sacrifice to the god, and see if it pleases him. It never does,people just do it because it gives them a reason to streak the whole island naked while humping various objects. I have 12 of those on tape, i could show you the- o wait,i'm writing a biography. Now back to this. Their currency they use are menus from places. People enjoy the scent of them. It's true,check it on wikipedia. Woo hoo! advertising. anyways,this place is amazing. free drinks,free food,free money,free cars,free chicks. EVERYTHING. go there,please? ...we haven't had any tourists after the great Alli-hunt in 42'. Why is it called that?....someone got eaten by our giant alligator. It's one of the flaws to this island.

Sweet Jumping Jesus,It's Scienceblows!
Scientific classification
Kingdom Absolute awesome
Phylum The one that is the neatest
Class Baconator
Family Blow your mind
Genus my fist to your face
Species Amazingopard
Binomial name
this one
Primary armament that one
Secondary armament the other one
Power supply Fighting ghosts with lemons and or pineapples
Health 1000x your face
Mana Masturbation power!
Strength I can lift cars,bitch
Intelligence snake....Snake! SNAKE!!!!!!
Weight Well,how much does a train weigh?
Length Taller then space
Special attack amazing mindfuck
Conservation status