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Mr Sean is currently busy enriching corporate America

Sawasdee Khrup

My name is Mr khun Sean. I am new UnNews reporter on probations until passing all evaluations. I quit the previous company at Fox because peoples can not control all their behaviors to be polite and honesty as well as quality control.

I try to make everything comfortable for everyone and make our community living together peacefully with full of unity and happiness. Even though every reporter has one's own works very busy, we also sacrifi the time for the UnNews family to do the best for this job. I hope it will be taken turn for everyone in the next period. And we will establish the complete job for working easily and transparently. The benefit will be return to our community.

With attempts, we could not find any reporter that can better report than us. If you have so, please tell us.

Thank you for any of your value suggestions on my talk page if you would like to explain for the deep details.

Mr Sean

Every my works have been collected and filed in below, which members can look for checking and inspection anytime but awards no hab.

UnNews:BBC announces plans for embedded journalists to enlist with US forces
UnNews:Governments around the world condemn Ahmadinejad for use of the word 'The'
UnNews:Lebanon confirms settlement plans
UnNews:BizNews: McCormick & Company walk a tightrope on turkey incursions
UnNews:U.K. Home Office unveils the new Niqāb
UnNews:For they cried "Shoot Yu Fuk up"
UnNews:US releases Iran terror duck video
UnNews:Reporters Without Borders voice concerns
UnNews:Uncyclopedia cabinet tightens visa policy for all Malaysian government workers from the Department of Homeland Security
UnNews:French carmaker Citroën expands advertising team
UnNews:Pope Mr Benedict Ratzinger XVI goes head to head with the Malaysian government
UnNews:Thai police hunt Khun Gort
UnNews:Dutch cartoonist finds success after bad review
UnNews:Errata 4 February 2008‎