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Hey, it's written in big red letters, so it must be important. Follow this link and vote for...Do that, and I'll leave a big template with this exact same picture on your talk page! - Seeker

Hey <insert name here>, I'm Seeker, though I often appear as Mr_Seeker on the IRC...That's 'cos stupid IRC already has "Seeker" registered by some wannabe and, on the plus side, it clarifies that I am, indeed, of the male gender (Which, might I add, is way better then all those other genders). Most of you here probably don't know who I am, let alone how you managed to find this page, but I assure you that I will be super fantastic cool one day, and when that day comes you'll be all like "Oh wow, I wish I knew him when he was not so super cool," which, if you're wondering, is now. So don't miss this chance to say "hi" in my very own discussion page.


  • My articles used to suck, but then I watched Ben Hurr...My articles still suck, but now I don't give up.
  • I'm fairly honest, so I'll warn you now: there aren't too many contributions that are actually worth your time, heaps of these were written when I was a 14 year old kid who still thought the word "penis" was the funniest joke in the world...Hehe, Oh, I totally get that now. Also be warned, lots of these will appear red, and if you put your own article where my crappy one used to be, I'll probably still keep it on this list as if it were one of my contributions. I don't do it because I'm an arsehole, it's simply because I'm really lazy.
  • Another warning: If you see one of my articles that actually has stuff in it, please don't delete everything I wrote and then insert something two lines long. I don't mind people who add to articles, but there's no reason to make this uncyclopedian cry at night 'cos people find deleting way easier.

My Contributions: (Oh, did you notice the cool little scroll thing I've got going? I totally stole that from a better Uncyclopedian then myself)

My Pikchers![edit]

Being an accomplished Paint artist, I've moved passed the stick figures on paint to the more complex stick figures on Photoshop. Regardless of this, most of these images could have been done in Paint, I just felt that Photoshop had a little more class:

Groups/Awards/Other Stuff[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order

Templates That I have begun[edit]

These are the templates that I have begun, but I welcome any contribution to my templates. After all, I really only stole code from other people and then fiddled with it.

  • Template:River
  • Below: Thanks for the nomination, this template can be used by typing: {{User:Seeker/template:nom|Username|Voting Page}}

[[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] wants to reassure you that your [[{{{2}}}|nomination]] was worth it. Here's Ben Hurr winning a race. May you win all your races in a similar fashion.

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