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*Beep!* *Beep!* *Whistle!* Heil! Join the Dark Side *Wirr!* on this FABULOUS day to be *Beep!* saved! *Click!* *Click!* *Beep!*

We were invented in *Beep!* 2674 by Oscar Wilde while he was huffing kittens, smoking opium, and doing Oprah. An emo *Wirr!* black person then shot Oscar and then turned into a flying space zombie pirate ninja. Nintendo caught saved Oscar but he *Whistle!* was so fat that Bush nuked him. Then everyone said:

“In Soviet Russia, 20 Gay Darth Robo Hitler Jesuses pwn YOU!”

Roll your mouse over our *Chirp!* images to learn each name!

Oscar Wilde Kitten Huffer Russian Reversalist Ash Ketchem Harry Potter Godzilla {Insert Name Here} Your Mom Black Person Emo N00B! Oprah Tom Cruise Druggie Girl Obesety Wii! Bush Tinki Winky the Teletubby Barney