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Seski, covered in blood.

Seski is an animator, filmer, photographer, and web designer from Seattle. He likes talking in the third person, using internet slang, has been banned from the internet twice, and broken the internet once. A regular kitten-huffer.

Banning from the internet

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The first time Seski was banned, Seski had entered a "Divorce and Kids" chatroom, when he started using the words fuck, shit, piss, damn, cock, and cunt. He had used each word over 20 times each. The administrator told him to leave, then Seski told the admin and all the kids to go fuck themselves. Al Gore had been monitoring the conversation all day, when he contacted the military and banned Seski's computer from the internet.

The second time, on an IRC chatroom, Seski was discussing his previous banning, when Al gore heard Seski say "Al Gore is a bitch."

When the internet turned off[edit]

Seski had gotten on Al Gore's nerves for the last time. Seski had impersonated Gore on an IRC chat room, when Al Gore got a hold of the conversation and decided to take action. He took off to the center of the internet in Portland, Oregon. He disabled his telephony card and thus, the internet was off. Millions were disgraced at Seski when the internet suddenly turned off. Many committed suicide, and others were killed by Max Goldberg and Tom Fulp, the internet kings.

Seski was able to hack the center of the internet for one reason. The center of the internet ran Windows ME with a McAfee VShield Firewall. Seski hacked the center by a remote access backdoor. Whoever ran the computer in the center of the internet, he liked to download a lot of syyware toolbars, so it was incredibly easy. He found the IP of the center, being, and traced it with a remote access tool he found online. After Seski hacked, he turned the internet back on, and sent 2.5 billion dollars to New Orleans. Also porn to the world. lol

Political Confusion[edit]

Some believe that Seski is a republican, but Seski has admit that he is a libertarian. There was a mix up due to the fact he, at that time, hated Al Gore, but it was announced on October 3, 2006.

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