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Rah. Blocked, unblocked, blocked, unblocked.

Sixx as a newbie[edit]

Sixx is a new user on Uncylopedia.

Recently, he was banned for no apparent reason except that the sweet admins at Uncyclopedia decided to ban the entire range from for the following reason.

"Range Block to prevent angry child from vandalising the site. If you have been unfairly affected by this block, please contact an admin via IRC"

However, the same sweet admins decided to lift the ban after Sixx went to the IRC and pleaded with "flowers, gifts, and a live sacrifice".

If only he had known that the ban was only for another..5 days, he wouldn't have tried, being the lazy bum that he is.

Sixx' future[edit]

This is so unknown. Basically, he plans to get into Uncyclopedia College, "The choice school for the witty" since it was number one for a few consecutive years.

Hopefully, he remains, or becomes, funny and not stupid as he has NOT yet read the Beginner's Gudie. He should, if not he might get banned again for being him.

Work done[edit]

Uncyclopedia College
Edited Submarine
Edited MS Paint
Edited Slurpee
Edited Backhand
Edited Dog food

Tried TO MAKE AN ARTICLE. But they got my IP wrong and my work gone too.

Awards? Oh really?[edit]

Newcookie.gif User:Sixx has awarded himself a cookie!
Why? Because he's hungry.

Disclaimer: Sixx is so not related to the Sixx fom Motley Crue.