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Back for the time being! (June 2012)
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Articles I've "Recently" Authored

Pictured is Aristotle pretending to be made of stone

Current Personal Stats

Woa, that's a shit-ton of numbers.
  • Articles written: 30
  • Articles rewritten: 5
  • Articles featured: 8
  • Pee Reviews given: 44
  • Articles I've nominated on VFD: 4

Off-Site Recommendations

  • My YouTube channel. I do a variety of things and post a variety of videos. Recently I've been trying to get into making Let's Plays of video games. I suggest you subscribe! :)
  • The Going Quantum Podcast Free weekly 45 minute to 1 hour EDM (Electric Dance Music) podcast. If you like dubstep, drum & bass, or electro, this is your dream channel.
  • Farlands Or Bust! Kurtjmac is doing a Minecraft Let's Play walkathon for charity, I highly suggest checking him out and the other Mindcrack guys!
  • Child's Play My current favorite charity.