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The world renown taco is the shining symbol of Mexican pride, as all Mexicans people of Hispanic heritage living in Mexico eat them voraciously.

A taco is a delicious South American/Mexican dish most known for its intoxicating aroma and its similarity to the shape of a female vulva (this physical property makes it especially popular with 18-49 year old insecure single males). Originally an innocent, unprovocative dish, the taco has since been violated and turned into a fast food snack, consumed en masse by obese Americans seeking another filling meat treat to consume with their sugary sodas.

Structure: Shell[edit]

The marvel that is the robust structure of the taco shell is amazing. A base form of corn, wheat or polyvinyl chloride[1] poured or shaped into a round pancake like disk is first bent and shaped into an upside down arch during the cooking processes thusly:

  1. Using a spork[2] hold the bottom half of the shell down in the oil and use a foon to fold the tortilla in half. Hold the top half away from the bottom half[3] and allow the shape to set like the sagging economy as it cooks.
  2. Turn the shell in the oil like you were handing it over to the border patrol after about 30 to 60 seconds. The half of the shell that was out of the oil is now submerged and the part that was in the oil is now out of it. Continue to use the forkoons to hold the shape of the shell as well as to hold the bottom half under the oil.
  3. You should pretty much have the idea by now unless you're a dumbass. If the shell has not hardened enough continue to hold each half of the shell under the oil for as long as it takes to become crispy.
  4. Remove the shell from the oil and place it onto a plate or pan covered in paper towels.[4] The towels are a delightful way to hearken the end of the World by helping to destroy the environment with your heathen ways. Also, this will drain the shell of excess oil and allow it to set to its final crispiness.

Prehistoric Tacos primarily consisted a large leaf fallen from a Tree wrapped Around the COntents: pieces of grass pulled from the ground, yellowed larvae pulled from rotting vegetation, and a delightful treat brought back by the hunters of the tribe.


Other Stuffs[edit]

  1. Early shells were used from nature, the most succesfull of which came from the common turtle or tortoise thus giving us the word: Tortillas.
  2. As a stranger would use your mom.
  3. Like your dad would when handling a dead hooker.
  4. Placing paper towels under dripping liquids is a tradition that began during ancient Mayan rituals.