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Upsilon Sigma Sigma was founded on 8 March 2010 by Skinfan13 in order to incorporate needs of Uncyclopedia that weren't necessarily being met, such as making quality requested articles a reality, and to help bolster the ranks of PEEING with consistent quality reviewers. There are many symbols and mottos that the fraternity employs.


The Upsilon Sigma Sigma coat of arms

The symbols of this fraternity are the Monkey of a Thousand Jokes for Hilarity, the Sun in Splendor for Honor, the Stag of Studliness for Arrogance, and the UnBroken Arrow for Brotherhood. The Sacred Potato of course is for our Beloved Sophia who guides the way. The symbols are all readily visible on the coat of arms of the fraternity and correspond to the three pillars of the Brotherhood, Humor, Honor, and Hubris. The motto of the fraternity, "Per Iocus Prudentia" is visible on the sacred potato, Sophia. The motto is Latin for "Through Jokes, Wisdom." The three colors of the crest, red, gold, and violet correspond to the three pillars: Humor is the color gold, Honor is the color violet, and Hubris is the color red.

The name Upsilon Sigma Sigma itself stands for U.S.S. which itself means Uncyclopedia's Secret Society.

Sacred Oath[edit]

The fraternity employs an oath that all members are encouraged to affirm upon introduction to the Brotherhood. The oath is as follows, "I hereby pledge to engage myself as a Brother of Upsilon Sigma Sigma, that while I continue a member in good standing I will uphold the pillars of Humor, Honor, and Hubris and will dedicate myself to the betterment of Uncyclopedia through these values, so help me Sophia."