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Norceror Somebody is a trancendentalfloss non-nonentity, who has held its own against several other powerful entities, nonentities and non-nonentities, including Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Mansex and several thousand armies of very hungry grues.

While it may at first seem that some similarities are present, Norceror Somebody is in no way connected to the nonentity calling itself Sorceror Nobody. On the contrary, Sorceror Nobody has been attempting for some time now to steal Norceror Somebody's identity with a whole host of thinly disguised ripoffs. The so-called "Sorceror Nobody logo" is clearly a reshaped recolour of the Norceror Somebody logo. Furthermore, Sorceror Nobody has attempted to frame Norceror Somebody for a number of poor quality additions to the swollen data-heaps of the interwebz. These include videos and many contributions to the Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and TWEWY wikis. Norceror Somebody has recently begun to fight back by infiltrating Sorceror Nobody's Walkthrough on the FFWiki.

Norceror Somebody's logo ‎Norceror Somebody's logo
The poor-quality ripoff The poor-quality ripoff