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Commander of the Order

Hi everyone! I am currently on a Wikibreak from the light side of the moon & feel like cheering up. I remebered this place, despite all of the memory wipes, & finally decided to come here. I'll try my hardest to be funny & witty, although my normal style is deadpan-franctic. Maybe my years of reading MAD mags will finally kick in... Thanks -- Spawn Man

I have created --

Hair loss. Knee gumming. Memoirs of a Geisha. Pawnography. Sexy.

I have worked on --

HowTo:Deal With a Cranky Senior Citizen.

Images I have uploaded --

BlackvsWhite.JPGDrPhilHairy.jpgPawnographic orgy.JPGHareLoss.jpgBishop pawnography.JPGMr Romantic European.jpgPawnographic threesome.JPGUgly tree route.JPGEarly Pawnography.JPGAntique chess board.jpgInternet pawnography.JPG


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