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I had the (mis)fortune of stumbling upon Uncyclopedia a couple of months back, whilst searching for Nazi Turtles online... who knew that one actually existed? This discovery was a turning point. Hours were spent on the site thereafter, laughing heartilly at the good stuff and grimacing at the rubbish stuff until one night an idea struck me! Oh my! And the decision was made to join this community in the hopes of improving my writing and the intent of some day writing chuckle-worthy articles. I appologise in advance for the turd buckets I am likely to initially produce, but please bear with me and any comments or criticism is welcomed (and ought to be forthcoming, unless you wanna read rubbish writing for the rest of your days).


Bubble gum

Thank you and goodnight. You've been wonderful.

--Stompy 02:08, 1 February 2007 (UTC)