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Saved from the Ashes of the Great Library of Uncyclopedria:

Dogma is a set of ten rules set up by User:LvT as an attempt to create realistic articles that are not just cluttered full with that kind of random imaginatory disposals that continously seem to heap up in the brains of Users who masturbate too little or are to lazy to go out on the backyard and play soccer.

The hand of a Dogma-writer

Dogma articles must have a real content connected to the writer, but may yet not expand to sheer vanity pages. In order to achive this this rules shall be applied.

1. Writing must be done in one sequence. Subsequent editing is not allowed. Submitter are not allowed to start an entry on one computer and then use remote calling techniques to monitor further editing from another computer in the network.

2. All illustrations in the article must be made on MS_Paint by the submitter while writing the article. Webcam pics are allowed if they are produced while writing. Scanning is not allowed, except for depicting the submitters own body parts.

3. The subject of the article must have a connection to the submitters actual situation. If writing about Cornwall, he must be in Cornwall and he may just write about that part of Cornwall that while writing is visible through his own window. (On covering events, the editing must not take place where the event is happening; the event must happen where the writing takes place.)

4. The text must not use wiki formatting. Emoticons are not acceptable. (If there is too little content for publishing the article may be spiced with an occational typed smileys such as '8O' ).

5. Special fonts are forbidden.

6. The article must not contain random bullshit. (Galactic empires, silly misspellings, etc. must not occur.)

7. Temporal and geographical alienation are forbidden. (That is to say that the context of the text takes place at writing time and at the IP:s location.)

8. Zork pages are not acceptable. (No grues, that is)

9. The final edit must be submitted before the writer changes his mind about it or have a second thought about what he is doing. (Originally, the requirement was that the edit had to be submitted, even if the writer discovered it sucked while writing it. This rule was relaxed a bit after admins complaining over having huffed edit number 1000 containing nothing more than 'I don't really know what to write...' )

10. The submitter must not use timestamp.

Anyone actually reading through a Dogma-page without falling asleep may report this to admin User:GetGetGet in order to get his "I READ AN ENTIRE DOGMA-ARTICLE AND DID NOT BECOME NEUROLEPTIC" - banner