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“Fresh air! Get out!”

~ Arnold Schwarzenegger on Amritsar

The capital of Punjab with approximately a brazillian inhabitants. It is beautifully situated beside great mother Ganges at the opposite shore of it's twin city La Whore .

The foul facts[edit]

Amritsar is one of the dirtiest cities in the world. This used to create great problems for the indian linguists who had to invent the entirely new language Punjabi just in order to describe all the different kind of smell that can arise there in summertime.

The lack of hygiene also causes immense health problems for the inhabitants of A. If you ask them, practically no one will declare themselves healthy. The only refuge for all this poor diseased people seem to be the city dump where they frequently go to swim in the local Golden Temple sewage bassain. Strangely enough this doesn't seem to work for them since they often declare themselves to be even more sick afterwards.

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