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Election Scandal![edit]

The game för Best n00b of January is over. And even if We received the most votes - victory went to that faul Belgian counterfeit fraud MoneySign. Obvíously he has bribed the election committé to fill up where his popularity and talent proved insufficient.

As usual when the beautiful spirit of democracy is soiled, he won on a technical protest. On his claim the committé decided not to recognize the future votes that has been cast on my behalf.

This is nothing than a blatant discrimination of those persons not relly present yet. Since our past influence the future, it is no more than right that future voters should have the right to vote today. Just Imagine being able to stop Hitler as Reich Kansler in 1933? Wouldn't you have voted against him, were you ever given the opportunity?

But unfortunately we are not there yet!

I thank my loyal campaigner though - and are especially glad over all those people that DID vot for me, without me paying them anything. So Todd, Mhaille, Rataube, PrettyisPretty, Flammable, Isra, Elvis and Unissä... - that finish guy - you are not being forgotten!

Campaign History[edit]

“Mon£Y$ign poses as an overrated dollar, but is no more than a fake rubel”

~ Suresh on MoneySign

“You just wait”

~ Mon£Y$ign on Suresh

“Shit shit shit”

~ Suresh on resign option

Hmmm. My advertisement bureau have adviced me to say this:

MoneySign is an excellent candidate. 
Not only does he know how to make pictures, he is also a sociable chatter
and clearly above all such stupidities as fighting over a meaningless award.
Im am honoured to face such a worthy opponent.

Hmmm. My campaign officer has ordered me to add:

MoneySign has at present an safe lead. Should this circumstance remain, 
our financer has made it clear that any further campaign in case of loss 
implies an unconditional support of MoneySign as n00b of the year.
  • snort* This suck really bigtime!

If you think I suck more than that:

Well, that's Your Problem

There's no business like n00b-isness.
Vote for Suresh as January's Noob of the Month, for he is the busiest n00b you'll know.