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“I don't get it”

~ Roger Ebert on Cab Driver

A Mike Leigh remake of the hugely popular film. This was not as popular... Set in London, the film follows Sid James in the role of Travis Bickle, a contoversil cat as James wuld frequently hamper prduction with impro innudendo in the more emotianlally charged scenes. Much of the dialogue has been dubbed as a result.

The film follows Travis on a slightly different storyline, with Travis being a transgender male with an abortion, after his abortion and diacharge from the army following active duty in Iraq. After finfind tht his home is a bleak and misrable palce he goes out to tame a hawk in inercity London...

The films production and realse were cotrversional, notbaly the fact that notheirng happens in the film and the film in ist grittyness is sterile of any emotion...

The film was inspired from the thousands of other extremly bleak variations of American films - Leigh say a gap in the market for yet antoher remake, however with specific allusions to Taxi driver. The film sought to keep some ke elements howeve the shootout scene at thwe end was cut in pre production and thus a trully pointless conclusion takes place as tarvis rebleeion comes to nought in a sea of depressing 1960s concrete Londen archtecture.


  • Travis Bickle - Sid James
  • Betsy - Kate Winslet
  • Iris - ...
  • Wizard - Bertrand Russell
  • David Thewlis - Sport
  • Any other charchters - Paddy Considine

Scene 1 - A war veteren gets off the dole, and has an abortion[edit]

Di Niro was obscenely cool - Sid isn't.
Travis' cab - the sheer monotomy of the scenes give the films uniqely tedious quality.

Travis:So after my abortion i was think ing of enterion the promisng field of cab driving...

Doctor: Sounds good...

Scene 2 - Travis gets bird, hangs around with the working class pimps[edit]

Scene 3 - More Social Commentary[edit]

Scene 4 - Travis loses bird and has some kind of important reflection on it all[edit]