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Faust, one of Mephitos clients atteding a meeting to discuss the acts and favor of the doctors predicament
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Mephistopheles is the dashing fiend, he is well known in the circles of the diabolic and the world o hih fashion, soict and culture. His recent activy has been scetchy, though it is known that he has consider a nem change and rebrnging to conincide ith the latest walpugis night and 21 century....

He is currently employed by many as abn outsifde consulten, patiulary in the speres of Death Meatal and Disney....


Cquote1.png Yes I have been around for a while, tis' sad you did not notice me... Cquote2.png

Mephitisphes was officly reccongized in, howevcer his work is said ot have begun a lot sooner, as an artist it is siad he started young, however after angerin his maker a few too many times he fled to... friom there he began his own studio....


Mephitos career has been dogged by the suspicion of his peers, he has over time begun to aquir ethe skill to be too invlaueble to hsi critics, rahter like diciplpe Bill Gates.

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