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“I dont like to quote things”

Hi, I am Sykko. I have been an buttmunch here for a few months and have farted alot of ups and downs. (this is not true, actually I am a total useless noob here)

Here is my Sandbox and here are my user Templates

<insert name here> is an asshole[edit]

I have known <insert name here> for a little while now since I joined this site and I just think that everyone should know that they are a complete fuckin ass. <insert name here> never knows when to shut up and really isn't funny at all. Whenever I see the name:<insert name here> in the history of a page I realize "oh, no wonder this stuff sucks". Oh well... :p

(btw, I dont really hate you <insert name here>, I am just screwin with ya)

Me on Uncyclopedia[edit]

I have really faked my time getting laid around here. I have also had some acid trips, but all in all I would say it has been a hunky experience.

How I got started[edit]

Well, uuuuuuh.... I forgot

My Current Interests[edit]

I just recently got burned out with wikipedia and needed something more fun... luckily my buddy user:stat had a blog on my forum where he mentioned this place and I have been in love since... dont like me? too bad that means you are no good and unspecial.

Me Personally[edit]

(warning, serious content ahead, but only for this next
section or two it will go back to silliness later)

I am a former-full-time-semi-pro-musician-and-artist who got fed up with the instability of it all and decided to get a desk job. I am learning PHP scripting as a hobby and am addicted to internet forums. I own my own forum which has been rather successful and will always come first before any other internet interest I may have in the future.

Me Professionally[edit]

I am currently employed by a cable company in a department that investigates cable theft and does quality assurance inspections. my job is very project and planning intensive and I do a lot of data mining and analytical work.

Last Note[edit]

stop looking for notes on my damn page! buttmunch!

See, told ya I would be silly again... dork :p

Stuff for me to remember and all that rot[edit]

damit! this one doesnt do collapsible boxes? how screwed :( oh well.. guess I will have to make due