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A Wikian is a fat four-legged herbivorous creature that lives in the realm of wikiland.


Wikians are belived to have been evolved from fish in the year 1900 BC. In the year 2005, wikians had nearly died out due to hunting and being caught in ultra cruel nets for human enjoyment. However, lead by a bunch of nutter conservationists, a group called save the wikians saved the wikians from exinction, much to the chagrin of Chuck Norris.


As said above, wikians are herbivores. They subsist on a diet mostly of wikimarkup and html, however they will eat the leaves of the Wikitree when available. Wikians live in large herds. After an Elaborate mating ritual, A wikian will lay a clutch of around 35 eggs. After a month or so, the eggs will hatch. Young wikians are miniatures of their parents, just as fat and ugly. Most of the young will be picked off by predators like Sharks and Rabbits. Wikians communicate through grunts, bellows, and the Emailuser function. Wikians often fall prey to the Wikipediasaurus, and less oftenly, the Wikipedia Monster. However, Wikians are immune to attaks from grues, as they contain a toxin deadly to grues in their blood, and are also able to shoot poison darts from a rear orifice.