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TKDKidXism or Shia Aceituno LeAdul (born 1994-death 34??) known as "Karate Kid" has been a left handed man in World War III. He fought World War 3 with Solid Snake and banged with hog in 5 minutes. He's an actor, politician, ED 209 builder, former war veteran, partner of Snake, and capitalist co-executive officer of HZ Corps. Metal Gear Solid Weapon X

Early Life[edit]

Born from a slutty mom who left him alone in street alley and he was founded by ED 209

World War 3 With Snake[edit]

Solid Snake was a secret agent to save the world and Shia helps Snake.

Rising Power[edit]

SAW Kidnapped me[edit]

Let the Games Begin[edit]

I was being held hostage and see that the puppet killer has gotten me for an experimental game of his. It's called "THE GAME". The puppet almost killed me and I'm all fine. I kicked his wooden nuts. Then I escaped. His games are risky and dangerous. I lost 1/4 of the blood.