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Grand Theft Auto: George Lopez Stories
George Lopez follows his managing life to crime and take over.
Developer Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release Date 2015
Genre Free-Form Action
Platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Windows Vista 7, and Wii
Rating M +17
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Grand Theft Auto: George Lopez Stories sets in Los Angeles and it's based on a show made by George Lopez himself with his family and his mom between 2002 and 2007. It's that George Lopez went to manager of the airplane parts factory owned by Powers Bros. Aviation. He sets to adventure to become king of L.A. He fights all of the gangs and rival gangs in L.A. and in 90210.


His head is too big to be on a bike.

In George Lopez Stories, you have a family on your side and that you must gain respect and trust to them in order for them to do the job for you. Use a fumed cigarette to burn a hentai and then bang with them. Your player is married and that you can't get prostitutes. You can get some hoes if you have her in a car in a blind alley. There's cars from the 50s to present 2000s. Cars from different time can come when that car made from that year comes. Example: 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse comes in 2004.



George became manager of his Airplane parts factory gang. His family is helping him about charming the workers with a tie. Carmen has hair problems, Max has grandma nightmares and Benny is asking him crap about Tacos del muerte and getting to work. At the factory, he sees everyone and Earnie says "Hi". Jack Powers (the boss) asks George a favor by firing his friend or mom. George was testing his managing skills and earns a christmas break. Another mission involves saving a sick dog. Another is finding someone who knows his dad who isn't dead. In the mission "Show The Dyslexic...", George must find some blackmarket liquro and green glasses for Max's dyslexic problem and also George has reading problems about the files of the factory. He now finds another job and it involves working with the Wayans Brother's strip teasing business. Bobby Lee needs George by finding his script for a new MADtv episode.


He finds his half brother at a skateboard shop. Fidel Castro plans to find Vic and kill him. George is summoned by Vic to do a rescue mission by rescuing Vic's brother from the Cuban water coasts. More missions come when Benny wants George to protect Randy from some Redneck Gang who wants his head. George shoots some rednecks.


Carmen runs away to San Francisco. Vic said "whorefrog" to her ex-wife.


Jason plans to have sex with Carmen and run away. Jason ends up in Georgia and dies in a car crash. Thus, Carmen lost her love one.


Frank Aceituno helps George to get a plasma HD tv in exchange for working for the Aceituno Family.


Benny lands in jail and Veronica moves in. George fears death in the factory. A Mexican Millionaire/CEO of AeroMayan buys the company it causes a strike and George wins and Jerry Springer finds Benny for losing her in the 70s. Jerry gets Benny back and they make out. Veronica gets the money and spends money like a hoe on crack and cocktails. As M.Bison's gangs and soldiers approach the factory and a shootout occurs in the Factory and Mel and Jack die. One mission involving srtiking back on M.Bison cause Ernie to die from a shotgun bullet as Santiago survived the gunshot wounds. George decides to assemble a whole team of his family and co-workers to wage a final war against M.Bison's army. This war involves shotguns and RPGs. M.Bison uses Psycho Power to kill George as George reaches the L.A. bank Tower on the roof and M.Bison shoots a psycho Shock and kills George's heart by implosion.


Main Characters[edit]

  • George Lopez: The main latino character who wants to watch sports, wants to be rich, wants to have her mother out of her life, and more.
  • Benny Lopez: The mother of George Lopez who raised as trash which toughen George up and became successful and brave. She is a smoker, drinker, and gambler. She likes to date with guys and she tries to be nice with the kids and mocks anyone with any thing funny.
  • Earnesto "Earnie" Cardenas: Long time friend who is fat and he's George's partner for an L.A. takeover of it's main gangs. He likes sexy women and soon fucks with George's wife. He soon tries to shoot George and Santiago.
  • Max Lopez: A gangbanger kid with his dad's genes. He's the youngest kid next to Carmen. He wants to shoot birds and whites. Keegan gets Max's jokes and he uses George to do his job.

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Ricky: Max's old friend who is a bad influence in his life and plans to arsonize the Lopez house and the apartment.
  • Manny Lopez: George's dad who fakes his death for his secret crimes and leaving Benny. He lies about being more poor and hides his riches until "George Lou Diamond Lopez" tells George about their dad. He dies by being shot to the kidney.
  • Evil Biker Guy: The biker guy who took Benny's dog from the house fire. George and Earnie fight against him by buying him or brawling him.
  • Santiago: A homo from NYC, comes to L.A. to assassinate George and Earnie against each other and wants to party.
  • Ice Cube: A former rapper who lives as a retireed old man and does family movies as an actor.
  • Frank Aceituno: The main protagonist of GTA: Metro City and the one responsible for framing his brother. In this game, it's a prequel to GTA: Mexico City and he's a teenager who works as a janitor in a Taco Bell restaurant who gives George Lopez a thousand for this new plasma screen TV in exchange for his favor to join his gang as a ring leader of Aceituno Mafia (L.A. Division).
  • Pedro Aceituno: Former protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Disco Man Stories who leads the whole Aceituno Mafia gang in the U.S., Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Mexico City. He's in L.A. to check on his son Frank and Andres. George works with Pedro to get extra money to pay off the plasma TV and to get a Santa Monica beach mansion. In one mission, some Unknown Mafia shoots him in the guts and dies. One mafia member had an insignia which is "HZ" or George or anyone will think it's an "IN".
  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: 2005 mayor who finds George lopez and gives him a message to not kill or impersonate him or he will kill you with his Villaraigosa Family Mob and mayor bodyguards.
  • Bobby Lee: An Asian MADtv cast member who needs to find his missing script and stuff. George goes on a Lost Stuff mission and gets into MADtv in exchange for finding his stuff.
  • Crista Flanigan: Female member of MADtv and a whole for sleeping with Ike Barinholtz. She gets kidnapped by M.Bison's evil men. George teams up with Carmen, Bobby Lee, Max, Vic, Estrada, and Keegan to find her.
  • Erik Estrada: Father of Edgar Estrada retires from action movies and goes to TV to enjoy life. He is considered George's childhood heroes.


M.Bison: The antagonist of GTA: GLS who wants to take down George Lopez, his family, his company, and his city. In 2002, he comes to L.A. to find someone to terminate.

Ben Adams: President of AeroCorp. and leader of AeroCorp. gang, the rival gang and enemy of Powers Bros.

Fidel Castro: Vic's evil enemy and ruler of Communist Cuba. He plans to find Vic and send his secretmen to kill him for trying to liberate Cuba to a democracy. George and Vic defeats him by rescuing Vic's brother and beating his cocky ass and picks his teeth.


  • Lopez Family: George Lopez's gang lead by him and his family members. It's the shortest gang in L.A. George plans to make his gang big by beating other gangs.
  • Junior Pimpin Chicanos: Lead by Junior and formerly a ho named Marasol. his pimpin business grew before George helped Marasol and beat Junior to death.
  • Powers Factory Workers Gang: Lead by Mel and Jack Powers (George's 2 bosses). The workers are after money and to reach pride in their factory workin ass.
  • Shadaloo Syndicate: Largest international crime syndicate with Al Qaeda, Saddam Soldiers, and communist members lead by M.Bison. His main enemy is George Lopez because he was a special ops agent before airplane parts factory worker. George fights the terrors that's against America. This syndicate is connected with many gangs and mobs including the Aceituno Family Mob.


Theres cars that come out old and new. Theres also cars that come out in that year. Shawn Wayans owns 15 pay n spray shops in L.A. and 5 mechanical garages for car tuning.

1950-2002 Cars[edit]

  • 1970s Corvette Stingray
  • AMC Pacer
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
  • GMC Jimmy
  • Ford Torino
  • Honda Civic
  • 1999 Ford Van
  • AMC gremlin
  • 2000 Chevy Blazer
  • 2002 Cadillac Escalade
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Lamborghini Miura
  • Lamborghini Murcielago
  • Chevy Impala
  • 1970 Chevy Camaro Z/28
  • 1958 Plymouth Sedan
  • Ford Fairline
  • Diamond-Reo Raider

2003 Cars[edit]

2007 Cars[edit]

  • Chevy Camaro SS Concept
  • Lexus IS 350
  • 2008 Scion XB
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Mustang Cobra

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