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Welcome. You've reached a dead end in the Road, and there is no cabal I'm currently not associated with. Contact me with any recent information you have for the Unnews Commity. We'll kill you, then take your cake, but then find out it's all a lie.

Articles I've Contributed To Or Wrote[edit]

He's Evil-Unnews Article

Why?:Slap someone With a White Glove

UnNews:Man Sees Girl Run,Man Dies A Few Seconds Later

UnNews:Uncyclopedia Declares Thirty-second war on Wikipedia.

UnNews:Microsoft Sees End of Windows Era

UnNews: Jamacia Team For Olympics Says "Gonna Be a Good Year"

UnNews:Man's Fists Now Declared Lethal Weapons

Pee Reviews I've Done[edit]

Cult of Apple

Candle For a Sin Movement Worst Article I've seen. Ever.

UnNews:School Counselor Almost Actually Acommplishes Something

How To:Be the fastest Runner in the World!

Poems or Poetia I've written[edit]

Cajek Might Be Gay Useless Gobshite of the Month Award Useless Gobshite of the Month {{{Month}}} {{{Year}}}

Jew.gif This user is hereby nominated an HONORARY JEW, and is entitled for all honors and persecutions as such.

al-X This user only speaks the Ancient Language enough to seduce native the Ancient Language speakers.

Go to UN:AAN for adoption

DogNewspaper.jpg This user subscribes to the UnSignpost: The Periodical That Is Too Sexy For Its Shirt, Among Other Things