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Are You the pizza guy? I hope not. In 10 minutes my order will be free and I don't want to pay.

“Your pizza is here. That will be 12 dollars.”

~ Pizza Guy on the order

Fuck You!


I huffed more than 1000 kittens and 12 of them where orange. When I was 5, I had a bonner. Then my cat had kittens and a grue came and huffed all the kittens. YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN NEXT.


She is a insane potato. If you want to have a little talk with her go to 345 Crazy street, Potatoville, Idaho. Happy crazyhunting!

Can I poop on Candace?[edit]


Crazy Potato.

How to make a girl love you[edit]

First you throw her in the sea and then buy a fishing pole. Then you fish her. One you caught her tell her that a talking potato threw her and kiss her. There's a 30% chance that she will love you and a 70% chance that she throw you in the sea.

Are you an idiot[edit]

100% No